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How remove Verizon or Sprint from Blacklist ESN/MEID


How remove Verizon or Sprint from Blacklist ESN/MEID

So you just got yourself a great deal on eBay or Craigslist for an iPhone and then later realized that the iPhone has a bad ESN (MEID). You iphone are on blacklist What’s is this, anyway?

How remove Verizon or Sprint from Blacklisted ESN/MEID ?

An iPhone with bad ESN isn’t a hardware problem with the phone, but rather it’s a problem with how the phone connects or interacts with its original cellular carrier.

ESN is an acronym for Electronic Serial Number which is the unique identification number that identifies CDMA phones to the cellular network – Sprint or Verizon.

remove Verizon or Sprint from Blacklist
remove Verizon or Sprint from Blacklist

If an iPhone is reported lost or stolen or the owner is terminated for non-payment and has a remaining balance, the original carrier will mark it as a device with bad ESN as bad.Your iPhone then cannot be activated until it gets fixed.

What are the ways to fix this issue?

1. Call Verizon or Sprint to find out why the ESN is not working. A customer service representative can tell you whether it has a bad ESN because of a remaining balance on an account, or whether the iPhone bearing that number was reported lost or stolen.

2. If you bought it from someone, talk with the person you purchased the iPhone from. Perhaps they are not aware the ESN is bad, or that they had a remaining balance on the account. The original account holder will need to contact the carrier and clear up any remaining balance before the new owner can activate it.

3. Try to activate the iPhone on another network. Usually, the ESN is only bad for the carrier the iPhone was originally activated on. There are other CDMA carriers that will accept iPhones from other networks. If you go this route, you will need to have the iPhone flashed. Flashing deletes the original carrier’s settings and substitutes the settings for the new carrier. Carriers that accept flashed iPhones usually have stores that can flash the iPhones for you for a fee.

4. If all fails, then you should use this paid service to remote fix the problem. It takes about 5-7 business days to fix the problem. Once your bad ESN is fixed, you will get a notification and you will need to activate the iPhone within 5 days. It may cost a little bit but it will guarantee you that you can use your iPhone again. Click here to remote fix your ESN.


If you happen to bump into this post before getting an iPhone, consider yourself lucky because never ever buy a used iPhone with bad ESN.

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