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Forgot iTunes Password


Forgot iTunes Password

Forgot iTunes Password – What to do?

You Forgot iTunes password from Apple iTunes backup and you worried that I will not be able to retrieve your account information.

Do not worry if this is your situation, this problem can be easily solved. In order to access iTunes it is necessary to set up an apple ID. An apple ID is what is used to access iTunes in order to download music, applications and games. Even if the item that you would like to download is free, it is still necessary to have a valid apple ID. Therefore, if you have forgotten your Apple ID password it will be necessary for you to reset the password using the password reset option on the Apple website.

So if you have forgot iTunes password, here is what you will need to do in order to utilize this service for use with your iPhone or iPad. First you will need to visit the apple website at Here you will find numerous tabs at the top of the page. Locate the tab that says support, and click on this tab. On this page you will see a link on the bottom right hand side of the screen that says Apple ID support, click on this link. Look for a support link on the page that says iTunes account forgot password. You will be given the option to recover or reset the password for iTunes click on the link for the option that you prefer.

How to Recover iTunes Backup Password for All iOS Versions All iPhone

If you happen to forget the backup password on iTunes, your Backups will become useless and you won’t be able to make new ones as iTunes will keep asking for the password. In the following video, I am showing you how to recover the password from a protected iphone Backup using a simple tool.

Forgot iTunes Password
Forgot iTunes Password

If you have chosen to reset the password simply click on the link and follow the onscreen instructions to reset the password. A link will be sent to the email address on file allowing you to reset the password and regain access to the iTunes account. If you would like to recover the password and maintain the same password, click on this link. You will also be emailed a link which will ask you to validate certain information on the account such as the credit card information. Once this information is provided, you will then be emailed with the information you have requested. So if you forgot iTunes password do not worry you will be able to easily recover or change this password and regain access to your Apple ID which will allow you to once again download the music and applications that you would like.

Forgot iTunes Password

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