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Best Method to Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone or iPad


Best Method to Bypass iCloud Lock on iPhone or iPad

Apple users have all sorts of legitimate reasons why they would want to bypass iCloud activation in their iOS device. Apple doesn’t seem to understand this. Why? Well, for one thing, Apple doesn’t offer a tool to do this. They neither have any documentation on how to manually do this. Plus, they want you to go to an Apple Store to have this done. Yeah, at a ridiculously high price! Apple seems to be hell-bent on making things as inconvenient as possible for you, right?
Surprise, surprise – Apple even makes it impossible for you to acquire iCloud unlock services from them if you can’t show the official receipt or invoice for your iPhone or iOS device! That’s right – If you got your device from a second hand seller or from a friend as a gift, then you won’t be able to ask the tech guys at the Apple Store to remove the old iCloud ID from your device without knowing his password.

Bypass iCloud


Apple says it’s to protect iPhone and iOS users against information theft and malicious device access. Frankly, they could’ve just provided a quick and easy Web service for users to conveniently do this. So, if you lost your iCloud password and don’t have a receipt for your iOS device, then what are your options? If you forgot your Apple ID credentials and can’t find the invoice for your iPhone, then what can you do?

Most effective method.

Since getting bypass iCloud activation lock iPhone services from the Apple Store isn’t something you can do at this point, then your best bet would be to choose a third-party tool that can do this for you. However, you should carefully consider the following things instead of going with the first software product or service provider that you see on the web.
Things to Watch Out For.

Unlock iCloud 5 steps you need to know

Data Security & Device Safety – You obviously don’t want to have your data stolen or compromised, right? You also wouldn’t want to end up with a malfunctioning iOS device, correct? So, what you should do is to check if the tool is integrated with secure IMEI factory service features to safely bypass iCloud iPhone activation.

Cross Platform Compatibility – You of course want the tool to work on the particular make and model of your Windows PC or your Mac OSX computer. You wouldn’t want to buy a computer or install an OS version just to make the tool work, no? Well, that’s why you need to choose a software product that works with as many versions of Windows and Mac OSX as possible, like our tool iCloud Unlocker.

Device System & Model Coverage – The best tool to safely bypass iCloud activation bypass on iPhone or iPad should work with all iOS firmware versions and all device models. Yeah, from old versions to the most recent ones. Keep in mind to check this before using any software product.

Simplicity & Convenience – You surely don’t have any interest in jumping through hoops on fire just to get an iPhone bypass iCloud service that works, right? Well, that’s mainly why you must check the screenshots of a tool’s UI (user interface) before using it to bypass activation your iPhone or iOS device. Imagine the time you’ll be wasting when you use a software product that even a rocket scientist would have trouble figuring out how the thing works!

Price – Imagine spending a fortune just for a tool that can instantly and safely unlock iCloud or Apple ID activation in your iOS device. Not a good idea, huh? Well, it really isn’t. That’s why Apple isn’t making any sense when they ask for exorbitant fees just for their tech guys at the Apple Store to do this.
A software product called iCloud Unlocker Tool seems to have beautifully packaged all the things that you want in a quick and easy to use tool. It’s integrated with cross platform compatibility support, which means this tool will work on almost all versions of Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms.
This software is also implemented with secure IMEI factory service features for unlocking iCloud ID activation. That means your data is safe from prying eyes, and your device is secure against issues and malfunctions. The iCloud Unlocker tool also works with any iOS version and all iPhone or iPad makes and models. That’s device model and system coverage for you.

How to bypass iCloud on latest version!

To bypass icloud lock on iPhone, just download iCloud Unlocker to your computer. Then, run it and connect your iOS device to your computer using your USB cable. Next, find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) of your iOS device and enter it in iCloud Unlocker’s UI. Then, click the button, sit back and relax.
Go get yourself a drink. Wait for a few minutes. Just like magic – This software will instantly and safely do what you want! iCloud Unlocker will remove the old Apple ID account and will let you to connect with your own ID. What else? Get iCloud Unlocker Tool now to know how to bypass iCloud activation lock for your iPhone or iPad.

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